Striped Bass Fishing

The striped bass is America's favorite saltwater game fish. The Captain's House has 200' of rocky shoreline where you can catch bass throughout the season. Small and large bass come up into the shallows over the rocks to feed.

The Captain's House shoreline

Happy guest with 35" Striper
The best times to fish for striped bass are generally at high tide, and at night or dawn, though they can actually be caught at any time of the day. You can catch them on lures, or on a variety of baits from frozen bunker to live eel - all of which are available locally.
The minimum keeping length for 2009 is 28". The longest we know of caught from the Captain's House rocks so far is 39". If you catch a "keeper", you can let it go, or you are welcome to use our grill!
Another 35" Striper

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