The quickest way to reserve a room is to book online here.

  • Select a room in the drop-down menu under Room Type below. Before you change it, it will show the availability of Room 1 only. Click on the down arrow to see the availability of other rooms.
  • Enter the dates in the From/To boxes (by clicking on available dates, or the calendar buttons, or typing in the dates) and click Continue.

If you want to book multiple rooms, please make a separate booking for each, or call us to make a single booking for you. In any case, please call or email us for a booking if you prefer to do it that way.

We have a 2 night minimum at weekends, though if there is only one night available for a given room, you are welcome to book it. The system will still add the charge for a second night — it shouldn't, but it does. We will make the adjustment, but call or email us if you want to be sure.